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Become a Clients

It can be anybody who has little money to invest in stock market with couple of month time in hand, and then you can maximize your return with grantee. We focuses on adding value by making money for clients and our recommendations calls are 100% profitable. We operate as a team but always leave the final decision to the advisors as each client’s individual requirements always come first. Our aim is to have long term relationship with our clients.

Company Name:
Minds Financial Management Services Private limited
Account Number - 018801521650
Branch - MUMBAI

We advise investors to invest money in those companies who are Fundamentally strong & Technically sound, for short to medium term time frame.

  • Stock markets need time to gain good returns.
  • Grantee calls with 90% accuracy,
  • Our services is basically design for the investors
  • With us you can maximize your return.
  • We beliefs in fundamental
  • Focus to make your revenue on profits